Feature & Follow Friday #2

Today is Friday, which means another “Feature & Follow” post!

Hosts Parajunkee and Alison Can Read, pose weekly, book-related questions to the bibliophilic community. Participating each week helps bloggers to dialogue and connect with one another, in one neat & tidy corner of the blogosphere. Since I’m neither neat nor tidy on my own (Pookas lack organizational skills), I’ve decided to take part despite my reservations.

The question this week is:

Q: Yesterday was the US’ Independence Day. Share your favorite book with a war in it, or an overthrow of the government.

A: A war, huh? How about a war within oneself? Man versus nature? Nature vs. man? Mano-a-mano? No?

I’ve read books with grand, political wars in them (The Hunger GamesThe Killing Fields, even Johnny Tremain way back when), but the thing is — that’s not really my cup of tea mug of java. Even when I do read these books, my focus is never really on the war. My focus is on the characters and their internal struggles, how they intimately interact with one another, the words that they say, the language they use, examples of symbolism, metaphors, similes, vivid images of beauty or ugliness. Wars are the Big Idea and I’m all about small details. It’s not that I ignore the wars completely – they’re important! So important. And it’s not that I can’t see the forest for the trees — I just really enjoy the trees: the feel of the bark, and the way each individual leaf flutters in the breeze. I like to sit in the sun-dappled shade for awhile and enjoy its peace. And I’m so glad and appreciative that I have the freedom to do so.

Here’s my ideal mug of java, created by Etsy store owner, Star Light Clay:

“Make believe, not war!”

***Stay tuned for a book review, to be posted in the very near future! (Like, maybe even later today).


About pookapicks

I'm a 20-something gal working in Children's Library Services. My likes include googly eyes, coffee, magical realism, leading Story Hours, and forcing my taste in books down people's throats. I have a pet rabbit named Moxie Crimefighter.
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8 Responses to Feature & Follow Friday #2

  1. Meredith says:

    When I first read the topic it took me a while to come up with something. Probably because I don’t think “war” on a lot of good examples. funny how many I’ve seen on the hop that I should have used. But I also really enjoyed the books because of the characters etc. Happy Friday! Old follower.

    Meredith’s Musings

  2. LisaILJ says:

    Those types of books aren’t really my thing either. I really had to think about this topic to even come up with the two I did. Thanks for visiting my FF. Cool mug.

    LisaILJ @ I’ll Tumble for YA

  3. Probably the most original answer to this week’s FF that I’ve read. I love it.

    Thanks for stopping by my FF.
    Following back 🙂

  4. “Make believe, not war.” Ha! I love it!

  5. Amy says:

    Very interesting answer – most thought provoking response I’ve read yet! I completely understand what you mean about focusing on the smaller details in a book. I much prefer to read about emotional relationships between characters than tactical discussions on war, but hey thats just me 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by earlier – I didn’t realise I don’t have a follow by email choice on my blog – thanks for letting me know. I’m always changing the layout of my sidebar and have probably deleted it at some point without realising haha! It’s now back in place if you’d prefer to follow via email 🙂

    New bloglovin follower!!

    Amy @ The Reading Realm

    • pookapicks says:

      Thank you!
      I finally caved & got a bloglovin’ account so I’m following you using that now. No idea why it took me so long. It’s a great service!

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