Feature & Follow (Fake) Friday #1

A friend of mine, Eight-Bit Brit (who writes a blog about books, sci-fi, feminism, zombies, & comics), posted this thing today called “Feature & Follow,” wherein each Friday, you answer a question (along with a ton of other bloggers who are answering the same question), and it helps you to become aware of other blogs & other bloggers’ personalities, and to gain followers. It’s explained here and here. (I’ve yet to fully explore those “here”s but from what I’ve read so far, they seem to be really creative, well-written blogs – definitely worth checking out).

I contemplated whether or not I wanted to join up for at least a full 30 minutes. It took some soul-probing. On the one hand, I want “The Pooka Picks” to remain pure. I want it to be book reviews and book reviews alone. I don’t want to clog it up with LiveJournal-y questionnaires every Friday, answering queries that my few followers might not care about the answers to. But that last bit – the part about my “few followers” – is also a concern. I do want more people to read what I’m writing & to join me in a discussion about things I care about (namely, stories). Without a certain number of followers, you really can’t even think about requesting books for free from publishers (“Advanced Reader Copies”, or “ARCs”), and I really, really want free books. I used to work for a bookstore where I could collect them at-will, and it severely spoiled me. Now that I’m away from retail and solely in the Library world (which has its perks – retail can be grueling), I miss those ARCs. Dearly. So please don’t judge me too harshly. I’m about to sell-out.

If you truly hate it, feel free to voice your outrage. I’ll cut-off all ties and get back-to-basics. Or, if you’re a sleazy self-promoter with questionable integrity, too, feel free to join me! But for now, until the judges are out, I’m going to try it. With any luck, I’ll get over my initial skepticism. I’ll find some blogs I love, find some people who love my blog back, and be able to participate in a big love-fest. Here goes.

Q: What is your preferred reading format? Hardcover, eBooks, paperback etc?

A: Beyond all shadow of a doubt, I prefer print books over e-books. I understand the advantages of e-books, especially if you read a lot of classics (most are free to download!) or if you travel a lot. But I don’t do either of those things. To me, each book should have its own body, not just its own soul. And that body should come with a spine and a smell. That great book smell – the smell of knowledge and grass and vanilla – is non-negotiable. My relationship with books is, like any good relationship, both intellectual and sensual. When I read a sentence I love, I frequently find myself running my Pooka paw across the words, as if I could absorb them under my fur, into my skin, and make them a part of me. You can’t do that with an e-reader. (It’d end up really smudgy…)

As for which form of print I prefer, I’d take a paperback over a hardcover any day. Not only are they cheaper and easier to carry, but they’re easier to cuddle up with. You can fold them, and wrestle them, and bend them to your will. You can dog-ear the pages, write in them, and mark them up, all without a shred of guilt. They change you and you change them. I may not be a paperback writer (yet) but I am a paperback reader.

I hope that wasn’t too terrible! I’m open to any questions, comments, praise, or insults. Just let me know! And an optimistic “hello!” to my new readers. You can follow me by clicking the “follow” button (I bet you figured that out) at the top, right-hand corner of my blog (above “Archives”). I look forward to meeting you & to following you back. Have a great weekend, all!


About pookapicks

I'm a 20-something gal working in Children's Library Services. My likes include googly eyes, coffee, magical realism, leading Story Hours, and forcing my taste in books down people's throats. I have a pet rabbit named Moxie Crimefighter.
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8 Responses to Feature & Follow (Fake) Friday #1

  1. Hello Pooka! Yay, we found each other 🙂 It’s those rabbit paws that did me in … I don’t have a niche among the book bloggers because I read anything and everything, which apparently is a plus for you! How funny … this is only my second post after a long hiatus in the Friday meme-esphere.

    • pookapicks says:

      I honestly just went through the list of people who’d signed up, clicking on those who had catchy blog names. I liked “Guiltless Reading,”… getting away from the idea that some reading is legitimate and some is a “guilty pleasure.” Embrace it all! Right? Own it. As Faulkner said, “Read, read, read. Read everything — trash, classics, good and bad…Read!”

  2. Emily J. says:

    This reminds me of the various memes that go around the Book Vloggers on YouTube. I say do what you want! I also prefer physical copies, but do turn to my reader when I’m reading in bed and my hubby wants the lights out! 🙂

    • pookapicks says:

      Oh, yes. That does sound handy! Instantly lighted, no rustling of pages to keep your partner awake! If I were a wealthy Pooka, I might purchase one just for those sporadic situations.

      Technology is all about convenience, especially under exigent circumstances… but it’s also overused. It becomes the constant go-to in situations where something much more lovely might do (like a book).

      I’m reminded of a time when I was in college & a friend of mine decided he wanted to take up letter-writing. He sent me handwritten letters and even made his own wax seals! E-mails (or texts) are obviously a speedier, more convenient way to communicate, but there’s nothing as beautiful as a handmade wax seal in an e-mail (the closest people come is choosing a signature font or text color – or going for the blue, square emoticon smiley faces instead of the yellow, circular ones).

      E-readers are great, in certain situations. I just couldn’t stand it if print books ever became as scarce as handwritten letters.

  3. Hi there! Your comment on my blog majorly made my day..I’m a newer blogger too, so actually seeing that someone likes my blog is very encouraging!

    I’ve had the same issues with meme’s and where to draw the line…On one hand…I need followers so I can get my review into peoples hands so I can save them all from mundane books…but, I don’t want to be one of those stupid blogs that is barely about books….I think i’ve struck a pretty good balance though, but, I still second guess myself.

    And yes, ARCS rock! The best way that i’ve found to get them is to find smaller authors that you can contact directly or that have a publicist who’s info they advertise…..also, tour groups rock for getting ARCs! There’s a little widget on the side of my blog for TCM(Tomorrow Comes Media) they take any bloggers and offer e-reader arcs for a ton of indie books that they’re doing tours for!

  4. I really hate doing these kind of memes. I just started my blog a few weeks ago and I’ve done a few memes like “Musing Mondays” and “Teaser Tuesday”. They are annoying, but I’m not sure how else to market my blog. What can I say…I’m weak. So, you’re not the only sleazy one out there.

  5. I definitely prefer print over e-books. Since I live less than a block from the public library (lucky me!), and get most of my books from there, I mostly read hardbacks. However, I do have a Nook that is nice when I go on a trip, but it will never replace real books for me!
    P.S. Flash and I think people (as well as cats and pookas) should blog in any way that makes them happy!

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