But I thought Pookas were supposed to be Pagan…

Readers forgive me, for I have sinned; it has been over three weeks since my last post.

I’ve been a terrible, neglectful, irresponsible blogger. When I first began posting, I resolved that I wouldn’t start reading one book until I’d finished blogging about the last I’d read. For awhile, I was doing really well and conquering my natural impulses. I never thought I’d be someone who a) had will power or b) didn’t procrastinate, but lo and behold, with the birth of my book reviews it was like I’d been born again. I read and reviewed, read and reviewed, all in a timely and punctual manner. I’d found the baptismal font of blogging. I was a new me.

Until I went to Florida for a week’s vacation. Then, of course, everything went to a balmy, tropical Hell in a hand basket – or rather in an economy window seat on Delta Flight 1701.

There, basking in the sunlight shining down on that southern peninsula, I committed a blogging sin. I read 7 whole books without reviewing them. And it felt good.
Please see the photo below for evidence of my extreme naughtiness:


But now I’m back – back to howling winds and swirling snow and frigid New England temperatures that most definitely do not feel good – and I’m ready to recommit myself to the Word.

Praise be the Word.

(Book reviews coming soon – right after I say 12 Hail Mary’s, 4 Our Father’s, and help 3 little old ladies cross the street. A Pooka’s penance is never done).


About pookapicks

I'm a 20-something gal working in Children's Library Services. My likes include googly eyes, coffee, magical realism, leading Story Hours, and forcing my taste in books down people's throats. I have a pet rabbit named Moxie Crimefighter.
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